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Cleaner world   Better future

Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd(hereinafter "Zoomlion-Enviro") devotes to becoming an integrated service provider of "high-end environmental equipment manufacturing +  urban and rural environmental operation", which is reputable and leading all over the world. Zoomlion-Enviro, originating from national-level scientific research institute, owns profound scientific research deposits, and has guided and participated in the formulation of more than 80% of technical standards of the industry. The market share of the Company's products has been ranking first all over the country for consecutive 19 years and with core products accounting for more than 65%. Zoomlion-Enviro has totally 2800 employees, including 600 technical engineers, The workshop covers an area of 160,000 square meters, with the German design concept and first-class production line, it had a turnover of 1.315 billion USD in 2017, it will reach 1.87 billion USD in 2018. The products have been successfully entered into 38 countries in the world.

Replying on powerful strength of scientific research of national-level scientific research institute and production and manufacturing capacity of environmental equipment leading all over the world.  Zoomlion-Enviro has established the most complete environmental equipment product line all over the country, and its products cover road cleaning, waste collection and transportation, municipal administration and maintenance, dedicated ice and snow removal equipment and other environmental sanitation equipment. Many main products among them are initiative in the industry. It also has supplied with the comprehensive environmental treatment services from household waste disposal, collection and transportation of municipal wastes, industrial and municipal wastewater, leachate of landfill, etc. A Zoomlion-Enviro mode of integrated PPP project of urban and rural environmental sanitation is widely promoted many years.

In 2015, Zoomlion merged Ladurner Ambiente S.p.A. of Italy, an investment and operation provider in environment and renewable energy sources leading in Europe. The cooperation of strongers will help rapid enhancement of process technology capability in the waste treatment field and operation capability of environmental project.

The powerful R & D capability and abundant product series will provide a complete set of systematic solutions of environmental field for customers, including front-end collection, transfer in the middle and disposal terminal disposal. Zoomlion-Enviro will adhere to the enterprise mission of "Cleaner World and Brighter Future", always devote to building living environment of human being and create a new age of harmonic coexistence development between human being and environment by virtue of technical quality and value service leading the industrial development.

Corporate strategy
Becoming the leader in environmental equipment
manufacturing and environmental sanitation comprehensive service industry
Driven by the overall strategy of Infore Group, focusing on the high-end equipment manufacturing, environmental sanitation comprehensive service, and high concentration sewage treatment business and becoming the leader in environmental equipment manufacturing and environmental sanitation comprehensive service industry
Corporate mission
Cleaner world Better future

Corporate vision: Dedicated to become a respectable and world’s leading “High-end environmental equipment manufacturing + urban and rural environment operation” comprehensive service provider

Zoomlion Environmental people should be aware that our work is not only a job and we are dedicated to a great and lofty career. Everyone of use is dedicated to building a survival environment for the human being, creating beauty and happiness, and opening up a new era for harmonious co-development between human being and environment. 

Core value: Efficiency  Practicality  Innovation  Win-win