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Provincial-level Research Center

Hunan organic biomass waste treatment research platform

Hunan organic biomass waste treatment engineering research center is a provincial-level research center built mainly by Changsha Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. in cooperation with the Hunan University. Its operation strategy is to take the organic biomass waste comprehensive treatment and secondary energy high-efficiency development as general objective, integrate the professional design and technical human resources, experiences, integrated technologies, and design methodologies both home and abroad, set up large industrial testing base, develop complete organic biomass waste treatment engineering equipment, support the upgrade of organic biomass waste treatment industry technology to a high level, become the distribution center and complete equipment hub of domestic advanced organic biomass waste comprehensive treatment technologies, and, by establishing model projects and industry technical standards, accelerate the application of achievements and drive the progress of China’s organic biomass waste treatment technologies and scale development of the industry.

The total investment is RMB 91.5 million and the construction period is 3 years (July 1, 2015 ~ June 30, 2018) for this research center. Once completed, this engineering research center will own 4 research labs, namely organic substance critical technology research lab, comprehensive technology research lab, equipment system research lab, and Internet of Things technology research lab, 4 testing labs, namely environmental chemistry, environmental microorganism, environmental chemical engineering, and combined anaerobic labs, 1 critical equipment prototyping and assembling platform, and 1 pilot test industrial testing base.

This research center will focus on the core technologies and related environmental equipment, including high-efficiency organic biomass total separation equipment, combined anaerobic fermentation equipment, intelligent aerobic fermentation, high-concentration organic sewage treatment, percolate biochemical treatment, odor elimination and high-efficiency deodorization, intelligent control and organic biomass waste Internet of Things. Within 3 years, this research center will boast the comprehensive system integration capability to solve the critical engineering technology bottleneck problems and research the complete pre-classification, oil extraction, slurrying, decontamination, fermentation, and after-treatment series equipment adapting to the characteristics of domestic organic biomass wastes. It will build into an organic biomass waste treatment engineering research center of basically complete categories and domestically advanced technologic level, with some technologies reaching the international advanced level.