Environmental Industry co., LTD
Product platform
To guarantee the continuous innovations of products, Zoomlion Environmental Industry is built with environmental sanitation equipment platform and environmental equipment platform by product characteristics and business development needs.
Environmental sanitation equipment platform
The environmental sanitation equipment platform undertakes the R&D and innovation of road sweeping, cleaning, waste collection and transfer, municipal, ice/snow sweeping, and new energy products and covers nearly 30 types of environmental sanitation vehicles and machines, including road sweeper, road washing sweeper, vacuum sweeper, high pressure water tanker, low pressure water tanker, water sprinkler, garbage compactor, self-loading/dumping water collection vehicle, docking garbage compactor, kitchen waste collection vehicle, container-detachable waste collection vehicle, trash bins waste collection vehicle, self-dumping waste collection vehicle, multifunctional dust-suppression vehicle, greening irrigation vehicle, road maintenance vehicle, guardrail cleaning vehicle, sewer dredging and cleaning vehicle, sewage suction vehicle, fecal suction vehicle, environment monitoring vehicle, wall cleaning vehicle, snow sweeper, small road sweeper, ice/snow sweeping blade, ice/snow sweeping rolling brush, and spreader.
Environmental equipment platform
The environmental equipment platform is main responsible for the R&D, innovation, and system integration of the domestic waste comprehensive treatment, sewage treatment, biomass comprehensive treatment, and construction waste treatment equipment and boasts the product R&D, equipment integration, and engineering design capability in the fields of domestic waste compaction and transfer, domestic waste classification, kitchen waste comprehensive treatment, domestic waste incineration, sludge treatment, percolate high-concentration sewage treatment, township sewage treatment, and construction waste treatment.