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Zoomlion Environmental Industry owns complete salary and welfare system to share the growth value with the employees.

Item Description
Five social insurances and one housing fund Zoomlion Environmental Industry will pay basic endowment insurance, basic medical insurance, maternity insurance, employment injury insurance, unemployment insurance, and housing fund for the employees and the employees will be eligible for social insurances and housing fund as per relevant regulations.
Paid annual leave The employees will be eligible for paid annual leave after working for Zoomlion Environmental Industry for one continuous year.
Labor protection Zoomlion Environmental Industry will release the winter-protection subsidies to the employees.
Commercial insurance The senior management, heads of tier-2 organizations, marketing personnel, after-sales personnel, drivers, aerial operation personnel, and other frequently traveling personnel will be eligible for the group personal accident insurance and the foreign experts will be eligible for personal accident insurance and hospitalization medicare insurance.
Wedding gift The employees getting married within the service period for our company will receive a RMB 1,000 wedding cash gift.
Childbirth subsidy The employees qualifying the national birth-control policy will receive a RMB 300 cash gift.
Birthday holiday One-day holiday at employee’s birthday.
Condolence cash gift Including hospitalization and relative pass-away.
Free working clothes The free working clothes, including suit and shirt, will be released as per the Management Regulation on Employee’s Working Clothes and Labor Insurance and Welfare.
Free washing of working clothes The free washing tickets will be released by quarters and the foreign stationed personnel may apply for reimbursement for cloth washing expenditure.
Health examination The free routine health examination will be provided for the employees periodically.
Vehicle welfare The vehicle subsidy will be provided for the medium and senior management and medium and senior technicians and the free shuttle vehicle will be provided for all employees for commuting.
Vacation and remuneration The national birth-control policy and childbirth insurance policy will be followed for the birth-control, pregnancy, lactation period, and perinatal period remuneration.
Coffee break One-hour coffee break will be provided each day for the pregnant employees in pregnancy period of 7 months or longer.
Breastfeeding leave Two breastfeeding leaves, totaling 90min, will be provided during the breastfeeding period.
Logistics support The employee dormitory with complete facilities, beddings, and free lunch will be provided.